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KHNY Honey 103



KHNY Honey103 is a radio station dedicated to bringing its listeners the very best in R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul, Oldies and Jazz!! Available 24/7/365, KHNY Honey103 is always here for Your Soul Satisfaction!!! http://honey103.com/

Our mission is to bring our listeners the very best entertainment experience possible!!!

KHNY Honey103 is an internet based radio station founded through Second Life and specializing in offering our listeners the very best sticky sweet entertainment available anywhere!

KHNY Honey103 caters to the mature crowd on the internet as well as in the virtual world of SecondLife who enjoy R&B, Neo Soul, Oldies, Jazz as well as other types of diverse ethnic music. We have assembled a top notch group of radio personalities and dedicated staff who have helped mold HONEY103 into what will soon be one of the most popular radio stations available over the internet today.

Although the station is still young, having only been launched in November 2009, it’s future already looks very bright as it already boasts a listenership from over 150 different countries around the world and in volumes comparable to other stations with a much longer standing. But HONEY103 is about more than just great music, it is a station dedicated to making a difference in the worldwide community as a non-profit organization. HONEY103 donates any and all profits to a different and deserving charity every month.

For more information about KHNY Honey103 feel free to contact us on the SecondLife Grid or send an e-mail here on the contact page!


Get the stream at: http://honey.macchiatomedia.org:8080/

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