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Ebony Scorpio
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Ebony Scorpio

Ebony Scorpio- Flawlessness,

Rezzed in this Second Life world 2/16/10.  Working with people is something I have always enjoyed.  My first job was as a Greeter.  It was long hours with really no pay because I was always, laughing, joking and dancing with the people coming through.  One day, one of the women said, “Ebony you should become a Hostess.”, so I gave it a try and really enjoyed it.  One day, I saw a notice from Honey 103 that Honey Franizzi was looking for a hostess, so I applied.  I hosted for her that same day and with great joy she hired me after the set.  After what seemed like no time at all, I was asked to be the Administrative Assistant 8/10.  I became the person who trained our hosts.  Working hard and always being proud to be a part of Honey 103, I was then promoted to Station Manager in 2014.

I married an amazing man, Mr. Flawlessness Resident, and we have 3 beautiful babies, one with him and two before. We are a family.  I have had some amazing times in Second Life.

I was also a model for Classic With Style (CWS), which I really enjoyed.  I graduated at the top of my class.  I won “Model of the Month” in May 2014, which resulted in me being featured as the Cover Model of the magazine, and I also won several style events.

I am also the owner of the Little-Get-Away.  It’s a small piece of romance.  The Little-Get-Away features a beautiful sunset where you can have dinner on the beach, swim in the tropical water or, dance the night away.The Little-Get-Away is a beautiful romantic location with many places to explore.

I mostly enjoy Second Life and I love my family and friends.  I will help anyone!  One last thing, Honey 103 is an awesome radio station, and I am not saying that just because I have been here 5 years!

Facebook: Ebony Scorpio

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